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Let Us Help You Create The Non-Profit of Your Dreams!

In order to setup and maintain your tax exempt status, your organization must meet very specific expense and income classifications. The IRS determines your eligibility with the following:

Yearly Income Statements – categorizing specific expense and revenue details such as donations, salaries, postage, rent, etc.

A Yearly Balance Sheet – including cash, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Individual Program Expense Statements – detailing every expense for each program, service or seminar, including things like educational mailings.

Revenue Support Schedules – detailing charitable donations, membership fees, and investment interest.

As you can see, the way you set up your bookkeeping and accounting system is crucial to successful maintenance of non-profit status. Luckily, we can help you create the necessary bookkeeping systems and can even take care of filing the forms for you yearly.

Our non-profit services include…

  • Filing of your non-profit status application, initial start-up documentation, incorporation, FEIN, and payroll setup with federal and state agencies. For new non-profits, contact us for a list of items needed to apply for 501 (c)(3) status.
  • Reviewing and compilation of your financial statements.
  • Design, training and maintenance for your accounting system.
  • Payroll management and preparation.
  • Yearly filing of the necessary IRS tax forms.
  • Board training services regarding non-profit budgeting and management practices.
  • For Churches, we prepare the pastoral housing allowance and other required benefit documentations.

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