strategic wealth management

The more assets you acquire, the more investments you make, the more necessary it becomes to make sure you have the full picture of where you stand financially… and that you make a plan for how to preserve and grow your wealth.

Our economy continues to fluctuate and newer tax rules on the wealthy threaten to diminish what you’ve accrued. Creating a strategic plan to protect and grow your wealth in a way that sets you up for long-term success while minimizing taxes is the path forward.

Our reliable wealth managers can guide you through every major decision including those involving:

  • Health and savings accounts. Making the largest possible contributions to these can provide major benefits down the road.
  • Brokerage accounts. Trading too frequently usually doesn’t make a huge difference in performance… but can rack up taxes. Instead, be wise and selective when you do use active management.
  • Bonds. High net worth individuals generally benefit more from municipal bonds versus tax bonds.
  • Required minimum distributions (RMDs). If you don’t need the RMDs coming from your retirement accounts, repurpose them into Qualified Charitable Donations, which are not taxable. Take larger withdrawals from 401k and defined contribution plans before turning 72 (so RMDs are smaller in the future).
  • Paying taxes now. When done correctly, this can save heirs from inheriting tax-deferred accounts.
  • Roth IRAs. Convert traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs – at key times.
  • Family loans. Is a family member seeking a mortgage? Loaning them the money directly could save them money on interest payments (and give you a higher rate of return than conventional investments would).
  • Investments. Know when to invest, move money, make withdrawals, sell assets, and grow investments.
  • Succession. Protect your family’s assets in ways beyond just standard insurance coverage – create a system for managing your family’s estates, trusts, and more.

The best financial plans help you make informed decisions right now that put you on the path to achieving personal and family goals. Strategic wealth management is about more than just decreasing taxes (although tax planning is a crucial factor). It focuses on what is important to you and maximizing your wealth for generations to come.

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